I have a completely different view of old trees being cut down. On a spiritual level, if you understand the process of transmigration of souls and the wheel of 84, (which says that there are 84000 different species of beings through which we all migrate) and if you know that trees are the lowest level on that system, then you will understand that for a tree to be stuck in the same place for hundreds of years is not actually such a great experience. So, as magnificent and beautiful as trees are, please do not grieve so much when they leave this earthly existence but thank them for their service and wish them well on their journey.

The invisible energy field that surrounds us is more a prison guard than an agent of liberation. We should try our best to escape.

It is not easy to have no substance. Being invisible is a fate I would not wish on anyone. Very few people are able to come close to me, sit by my side and discuss the vagaries of the finite existence. …

Opening up to the world the energetic world’s insight on Christianity — we start with the leading character

My blood is mixed with yours.
Its essence is dissolved into each and every atomic particle held within your energetic form.
It has been transfused into your heart and soul
Through the consciousness of the divine and the breath of angels.

This is the true blood that I have given…

An insight from the energetic world on the relevance of this festival

The shape of the egg is the essence of life.

If you ask any mathematician or scientist

You will surely find that this shape holds far more mysteries

Than facts they have been able to explain.

It is not possible to pin down the mystery of life:

As fragile as…

How to center ourselves and have the courage to dream

You have waited a long time for this.

Patiently, day by day, tick by tick of the second hand of the clock. You have sat, still and calm, surrounded by an ocean of peace and untouched by the currents of the winds that pass by.

Moment by moment, you have…

I bet you would never have thought of this explanation — a reading from the energy realm

You opened the book, you read the first chapter, and from the get go you were hooked.

You were immediately grasped by the scruff of the neck and then unceremoniously thrown in at the deep end.

You knew you were out of your depth. You knew that you had allowed…

An insight from another dimension on what it means to be the Pope. This excerpt is taken from the book A Pure and Contrite Heart which gives a different perspective on selected concepts of the Christian faith.

The reflections of the coloured glass fracture my robe.
Through the translucent blurs…

Beryl Broekman

Energy Healer, Author, Property Developer. Soul techie for your LifeOS, Communicator to all beings visible and invisible. Rune mystic.

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